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Time Supersized: The X24 Clock

We’re taking time to the…eXtreme

The letter X is everywhere: The X Factor, X-Men, Generation X, The X-Files, SpaceX, Xerox, X-Games, Xbox, and…a social media platform formerly known as Twitter. You may have memories of X as a problem to solve in algebra class. Or maybe you received a kiss (and a hug) at the end of a message: XOXO. Need more? Get a history lesson here. 

Inspired by the letter X, Bob Sandelman has created his boldest clock yet. Just one character repeated and illuminated to display the hours and minutes in 24-hour military time. Great for gyms, studios, offices, or any modern, creative setting.


  • Vivid LEDs display large Arabic numbers for hours in white and minutes in red.
  • Eye-friendly typeface makes for easy reading in low light conditions.
  • The X24 Clock updates every minute of the day.
  • The 225 letters in the grid are all Xs (the 24th letter of the alphabet).
  • This “Signature Series” product is personally signed on the back by its inventor, Bob Sandelman.

Available soon!

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