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While LEDs are energy-efficient, the always-on display of the each product requires more continuous power than can be provided with batteries. Batteries would actually need to be replaced more than once a day!

The Crossword Clock and the Crossword Calendar have five brightness settings. The Diamond Duo, Roman Clock, X Clock and Crossword Inspirations have a single brightness setting.

The power cord for each product is 9 feet long, allowing you to place the product far away from your wall plug. 

An electrician could place a plug on the wall behind the product. Another alternative is a small cord hider that can be attached to a wall and painted to match the wall’s color. Many varieties of cord hiders are available at hardware stores or on Amazon.

Yes! Each product package includes detailed instructions along with contact information if help is needed. Should you misplace your instructions, you can download a copy from our Specifications page.

No. There is a small built-in battery that preserves all settings in case of a power failure or the desire to move the product to a new location.

No, because a few U.S. states and some regions of Canada do not observe DST! Simply refer to your instructions for each product to change the time one hour forward or backward.

All electronic products weigh about two pounds each. Use a small nail to hang on your wall.

 Each electronic product has a 2-year warranty for repair or replacement.

Each electronic product is 11” by 11” with a depth of 1.25”, the perfect size to fit on a wall, desk or counter.

At this time, all products come with a rich black finish that compliments all contemporary interiors/decors. In the future, other colors, materials, and sizes may become available—we’re always innOHvating!

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