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Fragments: A Unique New Word Game!

If you love challenging word games, you’ll want to add Fragments to your daily puzzle solving routine.

Fragments challenges solvers to assemble seven word fragments in the correct order to create the daily word.

User-friendly game play

  • The seven word fragments each contain one or two letters.
  • Click on any of the “Word Fragments”, then click on any “Solution” square to place that fragment, which will be highlighted in green if placed in the correct position.
  • Continue until all seven “Solution” squares are filled. Puzzle is solved correctly when all “Solution” squares are green.
  • Goal is to solve the Fragments puzzle with the fewest number of clicks on the “Word Fragments”. Best possible score is “7” — all seven word fragments placed correctly with no incorrect placements.

Challenging, fun…FREE!

  • No cost to play, no in-app purchases, no ads.
  • New puzzles posted each day at midnight (Eastern Time).
  • Tell your friends and share results with them.

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