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Time Reimagined: The Crossword Clock and Crossword Calendar

If you’re a fan of crossword puzzles and word games, you’ll love these unique timeworks of art that display the time and date in words that read both across and down…just like a crossword puzzle. A new way to look at time!

Get ready to rock this clock (and calendar) when back in stock!

Easy-to-read LED displays

  • LEDs automatically highlight the time minute-by-minute, and the date day-by-day.
  • Hour, minute, month, day of week and date are highlighted in different colored LEDs for easy reading.
  • Choose from 5 brightness settings.
  • There are no unused “filler” characters in either grid.

Functional, eye-catching art

  • Both clock and calendar are 11 inches square, the perfect size to fit on a desk, counter or wall at home or office.
  • The rich black matte finish complements all contemporary interiors.
  • Unique “conversation pieces” wherever displayed. They are the perfect blend of form, function and fun.

A modern idea with an innovative past

  • The original non-electronic Crossword Calendar was invented by Bob Sandelman and patented in 1978.
  • The Crossword Clock was inspired by the Crossword Calendar.
  • Off the clock, Bob enjoys crossword puzzles, Wordle, Sudoku and other challenging games and puzzles

What are people saying?

We’ve been spreading the word about our Crossword Clock and Crossword Calendar on social media and we love the reactions we’ve been getting. Check out this video montage.