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Scramble: Your new favorite word game!

If you’re a word game aficionado, you’ll want to add Scramble to your daily puzzle solving routine.

Scramble is a unique combination of Hangman meets Wordle meets Jumble in a challenge to solve today’s word as quickly and efficiently as possible.

User-friendly game play

  • Solve the Scramble by selecting one letter at a time until all 6 letters in the word have been identified. Then unscramble those letters to solve today’s Scramble.
  • Each Scramble contains 6 different letters. There is only one correct solution.
  • Goal is to solve the Scramble as quickly as possible with the fewest number of incorrect guessed letters and fewest number of keyboard clicks.

Three scores to track your solving strategies

  • Total time to solve in seconds. If speed is your strategy, try to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.
  • Number of incorrect letters guessed. If accuracy is your strategy, try to solve the puzzle with the fewest number of letter guesses.
  • Number of keyboard clicks: an overall performance score. Best possible score is 6 keyboard clicks — no incorrect letters guessed and all 6 correct letters placed in their proper positions.

Fast, fun…FREE!

  • No cost to play, no in-app purchases, no ads.
  • New word posted each day at midnight (Eastern Time).
  • Tell your friends and share results with them.