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Scramble: Your New Favorite Word Game!

If you’re a word game aficionado, you’ll want to add Scramble to your daily puzzle solving routine. Scramble is a unique mix of Hangman meets Wordle meets Jumble in a challenge to solve the daily word as efficiently as possible.

Select from two game modes

  • Standard Mode. Words vary each day from easy to moderate to hard in difficulty to unscramble and solve.
  • Kids Mode. Words are easier to unscramble and solve for kids 6-12; designed as a learning tool to help build their vocabulary and spelling skills.

User-friendly game play

  • Solve the Scramble by selecting one letter at a time until all six letters in the word have been identified. Then unscramble those letters to solve the daily Scramble.
  • Each Scramble word contains different letters (no duplicates). There is only one correct solution.
  • Goal is to solve the Scramble with the fewest number of keyboard clicks. Best possible score is 6 keyboard clicks — no incorrect letters guessed and all 6 correct letters placed in their proper positions.

Fast, fun…FREE!

  • No cost to play, no in-app purchases, no ads.
  • New words posted each day at midnight (Eastern Time).
  • Tell your friends and share results with them.

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