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Time Revisted: The Roman Clock XXIV

Friends, Romans, countrymen…lend me your clock

Roman numerals originated in ancient Rome and remained in use until the late Middle Ages. These days you’ll see Roman numerals in the logos for the Super Bowl, in the episode names of the Star Wars films, and—if you look closely—in the copyright notice at the end of movie credits. Of course, Roman numerals remain a mainstay in wristwatch and clock design.

Now the Roman Clock XXIV combines the rich history of the past with modern LED technology. The white LEDs on the top three rows tell you the hour while the minutes are highlighted below in red.

All letters in the grid are used at least once in a full 24-hour day. There are no unused “filler” letters like in other electronic clocks. The time changes every minute of your day!


  • Vivid LEDs display the Roman numerals of hours (I-XXIV) in white and minutes (I-LIX) in red.
  • Eye-friendly typeface makes for easy reading in low light conditions.
  • The Roman Clock XXIV updates every minute of the day. Most other LED clocks change time only every five minutes.
  • The 90 Roman numerals in the grid are all used at least once in a full 24-hour day. There are no unused “filler” numerals like in other electronic clocks.
  • This “Signature Series” product is personally signed on the back by its inventor, Bob Sandelman.
  • Download the instructions.

Available soon!