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Time Reinvented: The Crossword Calendar

If you’re a word game aficionado, you will enjoy the Crossword Calendar. The months, days, and dates are displayed in a mix of horizontal and vertical lines—just like a crossword puzzle. It’s a new way to look at time!

Ahead of its time…now reinvented

  • The first Crossword Calendar was invented by Bob Sandelman in 1974 and patented in 1978!
  • Long before LEDs were commonplace, the current date was highlighted from the back with colored plastic strips that users had to move each night to the next day.
  • Today, bright LEDs behind the same 72-character grid highlight the month in red, day of week in green, and date in white. The date changes automatically every day at midnight.

Practical, perpetual…perfect

  • Pair the Crossword Calendar with the matching Crossword Clock and put time on your side.
  • The calendar and clock can be displayed individually or side-by-side.
  • Choose from 5 brightness settings.
  • See all the specifications.

Recommended by Shop TODAY!

  • The Crossword Calendar has been recognized by Shop TODAY as one of the “48 perfect gifts for the tech fanatic in your life.”
  • Here is how Shop TODAY describes it: “This gift offers an entirely new way to display information. The month, day and date are showcased in a crossword display that all puzzle-solvers will love.”

Available soon!

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