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Sequence: Challenging new number puzzle!

If you’re a fan of logic-based number puzzles like Sudoku, you’ll want to add Sequence to your daily puzzle solving routine.

Sequence challenges solvers to identify number patterns to correctly fill in the missing numbers in the sequence from the available options.

User-friendly game play

  • Click on a red Answer Option number, then click on any empty green square to place that number.
  • Continue until all empty green squares contain numbers from the Answer Options.
  • Click on Submit to find out if you correctly solved that day’s Sequence. If not, make some number swaps and Submit again.
  • If unable to solve, click on Reveal Solution to discover the number pattern in that day’s puzzle.

Four levels of increasing difficulty

  • EASY puzzles are published on Monday & Tuesday.
  • MODERATE puzzles are published on Wednesday & Thursday.
  • HARD puzzles are published on Friday & Saturday.
  • GENIUS puzzles are published on Sunday.

Challenging, fun…FREE!

  • No cost to play, no in-app purchases, no ads.
  • New puzzles posted each day at midnight (Eastern Time).
  • Tell your friends and share results with them.